Fluorine-Based Porous Film

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Product name
Sa-PTFE® Vent Filter

Product features
The PTFE film used in the VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter is a porous film with micropores controlled at the submicron level. These micropores only let gaseous bodies permeate and do not lot waterdrops pass. The surface that comes into contact with outside air is PTFE, and the unique characteristics of fluorine (i.e. properties such as water-repellence, non-adhesion, weather resistance, noncombustibility, heat resistance, chemical stability, insulation and UV resistance) support the performance as a vent filter.

■ Features and applications

● Filter that combines water-proof, dust-proof and ventilation properties

VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter is a product that integrates a porous PTFE film and an adhesive layer with high adhesive force, and it has been developed as a vent filter that can be used by attaching to a wide variety of materials.

VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter is a filter compatible with the adjustment of internal pressure by its ventilation while preventing the passage of waterdrops and particles from the outside by the low surface energy of the highly controlled micropores and PTFE. It displays high reliability with respect to water-proofing, dust-proofing and adjusting internal pressure of sensors, antennas as well as other electronic equipment, and it protects customers from equipment problems.
● Application

The following are examples of applications in which VALQUA Sa-PTFE can be used.

  • ・ Outdoor antennas
  • ・Protection of sensor detection parts
  • ・ECU
  • ・Toner cartridges
  • ・LED lamps
  • ・Permeable caps, etc.

* The applications described above are representative examples in which vent filters are used. However, they may not be usable depending on your operating conditions. Please contact us for more information.
* The dust-proof and water-proof standards prescribed in JIS C0920 are a rule that ranks the protective structure of electric machine and appliance by their outer walls, so elements other than vent filter are included in this ranking. We ask that the customers themselves conduct an evaluation of the ranking of the dust-proof and water-proof performance of the final product.

■ Operating conditions, etc.

● Operating conditions

VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter is set so that it can be used between the range of -40℃ and 125℃. Additionally, for the adhesive layer used, a material that has passed a 24-hour hydrolysis test at 80℃ under ultrasound condition is employed.

● Others

  • ・RoHS compliant
  • ・UL94 compliant (as Sa-PTFE)
  • ・Dust-proof and water-proof performance are compatible with IP68 level

■ Composition

■ Creation size example

Outer diameter (OD) x Internal diameter (filter-effective part: I.D.)
Ø 29.0 x ø 20.0
Ø 21.5 x ø 12.5
Ø 19.0 x ø 10.0
Ø 14.0 x ø 8.0
Ø 12.7 x ø 7.1
Ø 10.0 x ø 6.0
Ø 9.5 x ø 6.0
Ø 8.0 x ø 5.5
Ø 7.6 x ø 3.3
Ø 6.0 x ø 3.0
Ø 5.7 x ø 2.3

* The size table above shows representative examples. We also handle sizes other than the ones described, as well as atypical products.
* Depending on the Product No., there may be a limitation to the size that can be created.
* Because there are variations to the pasting method of the vent filter to the mating material, you can choose whether or not to have an adhesive layer.
* Please contact and consult us at the information below regarding your requests related to shapes or sizes.

■ Lineup

● Sa-PTFE film single unit type (thin)7BT59APVA
Support materialsPET
Filter-effective part thickness0.2mm0.03mm
Gurley value1) 7-10 sec 11-15 sec
Initial permeation pressure2)14.2 psi (97.9kPa)

●Sa-PTFE film single unit type (thick)7BT59APVL
GradeWN240-G1WN240-G2WN240-G3 WN170
Filter-effective part thickness 0.24mm0.17mm
Gurley value1) 10-13 sec 6-9 sec 2-5 sec 6-9 sec
Initial permeation pressure2) 8.5 psi (58.6kPa) 5 psi (34.5kPa)

●Lamination type7BT59APVP
Grade WN2001 WN2002 WN2004 WN120
Lamination materialPET Non-Woven Fabric
Filter-effective part thickness0.2mm0.12mm
Gurley value1) 5-7 sec 2-4 sec 1-2 sec 1-2 sec
Initial permeation pressure2) 11.0 psi (75.8kPa) 7 psi (48.3kPa) 1.42 psi (9.8kPa) 5 psi (34.5kPa)
1) Gurley value::JIS P8117 (100cc/in2 @1.23kPa)
2) Pure water initial permeation pressure:JIS L1092
3) The thickness of the laminated type includes the thickness of the PET non-woven fabric.
* The data shown here are representative values of measurement results for the filter-effective parts, and they are not standards or guaranteed values.
* The VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter lineup described is a representative grade, and it is a white-colored, oil-repellent grade.


Q. How do we install the VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter?

A. A grade with an adhesive layer is available from the product lineup, and this type can be directly attached to the casing. In the case of a grade without an adhesive layer, the product can be attached by a heat-sealing method, etc. even though it would also depend on customers’ use applications.

Q. Can a VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter be used for preventing humidity (for dry application)?

A. A VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter has a waterproof property, as it does not let any waterdrop pass through; however, it lets a gaseous state of water, which is water vapor, permeate.

Q. Is PET Non-Woven Fabric the only lamination material available?

A. Is PET Non-Woven Fabric the only lamination material available?

Q. We would like to purchase the rolled film web that is used for the VALQUA Sa-PTFE Vent Filter.

A. We are very sorry, but rolled webs are not available for sale.

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