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8BG Series
Product name
Injection Molded Products

Product features
The method of producing injection molded products is the method of producing molded products that have the same shape as the die, by casting the molten material into the die, hardening it by cooling and then taking it out.
Its greatest feature is that it can mass produce a three-dimensional, complex molded product in a short period of time, and it can mold at low cost.
At VALQUA, with the combination of our advanced processing technologies and welding techniques, we are also strong in producing secondary processed products according to your needs.

■ Fluororesin General Injection Molded Products

[Quality of material]
With regards to fluororesins such as PFA resin, ETFE resin and PVDF resin, we offer our accumulated techniques up to now.
We have a track record in a wide range of industrial applications such as the housing of flow instruments and filters in the semiconductor industry, insulators in the telecommunication equipment industry, couplers in medical analysis equipment and roller parts in OA equipment.
We can provide design and production proposals according to the dimensions and shapes requested by customers.
Capable of handling from small-size to large-size.
Capable of handling secondary processing such as welding.

■ Engineering Plastic and Super Engineering Plastic General Injection Molded Products

[Quality of material]
We offer various engineering plastic and super engineering plastic technologies, including for polyamide (PA), polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyphenylene sulphide (PPS).
We have a track record in a wide range of industries, such as wafer parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and thrust washers for the automotive industry.
We can provide design and production proposals according to the dimensions and shapes requested by customers.
We offer precision molding technologies by means of an alliance partnership with various companies.

■ Precautions

● This product has not been specially designed and manufactured with the purpose to use for transplants to the human body or for medical apparatus that contact body fluid or body tissue. Please consult in in advance if you will be using this product for the said purposes.
● Thoroughly conduct disposal and ventilation in places that will be heated beyond 200℃ (fluororesin), and make sure not to inhale the cracked gas. Likewise, exercise caution when handling other resins.
● When disposing the product, follow the “Waste Management and Public Cleaning Law” and discard them. Never incinerate the product.
● This product does not guarantee functionality under all conditions.
● Please note in advance that the product specification and catalog content may be revised without prior notice due to reasons including but not limited to the functional improvement of resin.


Q. I'm a small amount of , but either would be possible correspondence of injection molding ?

A. The Company has a good correspondence in the high-mix low-volume . I hope not hesitate to contact us .

Q. For example , the number of products up of mold from 1pc up , and if you change to 2pc up product fee or will be half ?

A. Item coming is reflected in the price among the estimate items are mainly molding costs . ( Material cost depends on the runner design . ) Because the items, such as other setup costs and inspection costs are not affected , not a half .

Q. Please tell me the mold life shot quantity .

A. I will have changed me by important management item of each product . It becomes the specification of details to answer on your confirmation .