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Product name
NEW VALFLON ® Corrugated Tube

Product features
・ By adopting the VALFLON ® EX Tube, this product not only has excellent heat resistance and body color but also transparency.
・ The minimum bending radius and bending weight are small, and it can prevent the fracture of joint portions.
・ Because a flexible pipe design is possible, the device and equipment can be downsized, including the reduction of joints.
・ It has outstanding resistance to fatigue from flexing.

■ Applications

・ Chemical analysis equipment, device and their connection
・ Process piping for chemical experiments ・ In-device piping of cleaning equipment, etc.
・ Various drug solution piping
・ Heat-resistant insulation protection piping
・ Others

■ Characteristics

1. Apply pressure to samples in straight condition.
2. The burst pressure indicates the pressure in which local bulging of the tube occurred.
3. The increase in pressure is at a speed of about 1 minute until destruction.
Minimum bending radius (unit: mm)
Nominal diameter Minimum bending radius
6 8
8 11
10 13
1/4 10
3/8 18
In-device piping such as of chemical analysis equipment and devices as well as cleaning equipment.
Various drug solution piping and heat-resistant insulation protection piping.

■ Dimensions