Lining Tank(Sheet)

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Lining Tank

This is a product in which a lining sheet is bonded to a lined object of metal or FRP, the seam of the sheet is welded, and protective lining has been done on the wetted part.

■ Applications

Nominal capacity
Can body dimensions  mm Actual capacity
Can body thickness (reference)mm
φD H1 H2 0.2MPa
Less than
Less than
1,000 1,000 1,150 1,538 1,099
1,000 1,200 800 1,266 1,171 (4.0)
1,500 1,200 1,180 1,646 1,671
1,500 1,300 965 1,469 1,717
2,000 1,300 1,340 1,844 2,217 (4.0)
2,000 1,400 1,130 1,672 2,271
3,000 1,400 1,785 2,327 3,271 (6.0)
3,000 1,500 1,515 2,097 3,334
4,000 1,500 2,085 2,667 4,334
4,000 1,800 1,350 2,048 4,577
5,000 1,800 1,745 2,443 5,577
5,000 1,900 1,530 2,266 5,678
6,000 1,800 2,140 2,838 6,334
6,000 1,900 1,885 2,621 6,678
7,000 1,900 2,235 2,971 7,678 (6.0) (6.0)
7,000 2,000 1,980 2,756 7,791
8,000 2,000 2,300 3,076 8,791
8,000 2,100 2,050 2,864 8,916 (9.0)
10,000 2,000 2,935 3,711 10,791
10,000 2,100 2,630 3,444 10,916
15,000 2,400 3,020 3,950 10,368

Note 1. We can also produce a tightly sealed tank exceeding 3.
    2. We can also produce a non-transportable tank depending on the shape and operating conditions.

■ Specifications and operating range

Lining thickness (mm) 2~3 2~3
Lining method Adhesive type Adhesive type
Service temperature (℃) ~120 ~120
0.98 0.98
Fluid ・ This product can be used in all chemical drugs such as strong acids, mixed acids and alkali solvents. ・ This product cannot be used in fluorine gas under high temperature and high pressure as well as fused alkali metal.
・ More or less than same as PTFE

■ Design criteria

Sheet Lining
・ Can body shape and quality of material
・ Lining of both cylindrical form and square shape are possible.
・ The standard shapes of a cover plate is a flat plate, 10% torispherical head and conical plate.
・ Material: carbon steel, SUS, other metal material, FRP
・ Main part flange: JIS5 10kgf/cm2 is the standard.
・ Nozzle: Length 100mm, SGP, JIS 10kgf/cm2 is the standard.

・ Manufacturing ranges
・ Dimensions: Internal diameter φ500 or more, or □500 or more. Ultra-large type products that cannot be transported are constructed at the site.
・ A manhole (20B or more) is set up when using an airtight container.
・ Products constructed at site should be a structure in which the top plate can be released with the main part flange.

■ Lining sheet PLP

VALFLON PLP sheet is a high density sheet for lining that has been produced by giving adhesiveness to a denaturized type of PTFE resin (denaturized PTFE) by a chemical etching method that does not change the relative weight.

(a) Features of the PLP sheet
Chemical resistance properties: Just as in PTFE, there is no corrosion, dissolution, swelling or degradation with respect to chemical drugs or solvents.
Permeation resistance properties: It is of high density at a relative weight of 2.20. The permeation of drug solution and gas is extremely little.
Surface smoothness: There is an excellent surface smoothness unique to denaturized PTFE.
Weldability: There are superior fusogenic properties with welding rod materials (PFA) unique to denaturized PTFE as well as excellent weldability.
Workability: Deformation processing is easy due to the lack of glass cloth lamination. Also, it adapts well with a can body such as the panel board, manhole flare part and the like, and there is little occurrence of scratches to the sheet surface when lining.

(b) Permeation resistance



(c) Etching (ET) sheet and glass back (GB) sheet

ET: Chemical surface modification by etching process liquid.
GB: Melting and fusing + Melting and embedding by heat treatment.

Because it is heated beyond melting point during the fusion processing of the glass back and later undergoes rapid cooling treatment, the relative sheet weight of the heated part is reduced.
When the relative weight is reduced, the amount of permeation rapidly increases and thereby significantly impacts the tank life. The following diagram is a cross-section of the lining sheet. In terms of the GB sheet, the relative weight of the wall thickness in approximately half of the GB side has been reduced.


■ Precautions

VALFLON Lining Tank is only offered to overseas customers.