VALQUA Handbook Technical Section

1. SEALING DEVICES 1. 1 Gaskets

Fig. 1.1.1 ~ 1.1.6

Table 1.1.3 ~ 1.1.4

Important notice on selection

Gasket paste

Directions for use of gasket

Design guidelines(Fig.1.1.6 ~ 1.1.11)

m, y values of each gasket.

Calculation of bolt load (JIS B 8265-2003)

PVRC new gasket constants (reference)6)

Torque calculation

Leakage from the gasket

1.1.1 Soft gaskets (1)Synthetic rubber sheet gasket(No.2010、4010、5010)

(2) Compressed non-asbestos fiber sheet (No. 6500, 6500AC, 6502, 6503)

(3) BLACK HYPER (No. GF300)

(4) VALFLON gasket (No. 7010, 7010-EX, 7020, 7026, 7GP61, 7GP66)

(5) CORDSEAL 〈soft〉 (No.7GS66A, 7GS62A, 7GS64N)

(6) VALFLON envelope gasket (No. N7030, N7031, N7035)

(7) VALQUAFOIL gasket (No. VF-30, VF-35E, VFT-30, VFT-35E)

(8) VALQUATEX gasket (No. N214, N314)

1.1.2  Semi-metallic gaskets and metal gaskets (1)Spiral wound gasket

(b) Achievements of spiral wound gasket (size and ratings)

(c) Selection guide

(d) Design materials

(e) Characteristics

(f) Precautions for handling

(2) Metal-jacketed gasket

(b) Constituent material

(c) Production range

(d) Types of jacket shape

(3) Metal flat gasket and serrated gasket

(4) Ring joint gasket

(5) Blind plate and holding ring

(6) Metal corrugated gasket

(7) Other metallic gasket

1.1.3 Gasket for automobile applications

1.1.4 Other gasket and accessories

(2) Gasket paste

(3) Gasket cutter


(2) Selection and service criteria

Table 1.2.2 ~ 1.2.4 Table for Selection of Gland Packing For Valves

(b) Selection criteria

Fluid-wise Selection Criteria for Gland Packing for Rotary Pump Shafts

(c) Service criteria

(ii) Service criteria for packing for piping system in ship machinery space (JIS F 7102)

(iii) The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan

(3) Design guide

(4) Sealing theory

(5) Manufacturing ranges and weights

(6) Handling instructions

1.3 MECHANICAL SEAL AND DIAPHRAGM SEAL (1) Types and applications

(2) Selection criteria

(3) Service criteria

(4) Design guide

(5) Handling instructions

(6) Marking conventions