Processed Products

VALQUA No. Product name Product features
7170 VALFLON ® PFA Bolt and Nut This is a screw and nut made of PFA that has been formed by injection molding. This product has superior heat and chemical resistance characteristics and is frequently used for semiconductor applications.
Injection Molded Products The method of producing injection molded products is the method of producing molded products that have the same shape as the die, by casting the molten material into the die, hardening it by cooling and then taking it out. Its greatest feature is that it can mass produce a three-dimensional, complex molded product in a short period of time, and it can mold at low cost. At VALQUA, with the combination of our advanced processing technologies and welding techniques, we are also strong in producing secondary processed products according to your needs.
Engineering Plastic Fabricated Products No. 7160: This is a product in which a fluororesin is cut with advanced technology and processed to apply a peculiarity or welded. (ENPLA): This is a product in which various super engineering plastics are machined with advanced technology.