Sealing Material

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Product name
7330-CV Packing Containing Carbon Cloth
7631 V-Packing
7510 Piston Ring
7520 Split Type Rod Packing
7640 O-ring
7740 Slipper Seal
7777 VF Seal

Product features
(7330-CV) This is a processed product of V-type cross-section shape in which a carbon fiber cloth reinforcement and PTFE is laminated and molded.
(7631) This is a processed product of V-type cross-section shape in which PTFE or PTFE containing filler is cut.
(7510) This is a housing seal material for reciprocating motion in which PTFE containing filler is cut and processed. Sealing is performed by the elastic force of the metallic tension ring mounted on the internal diameter side.
(7520) This is a piston seal material for reciprocating motion in which PTFE containing filler is cut and processed. Sealing is performed by the stretching force of the metallic coil spring mounted on the outer diameter side.
(7640) This is a sealing material in which PTFE is processed into an O-ring shape.
(7740) This is a housing seal material for reciprocating motion in which PTFE containing filler is cut and processed. Sealing is performed by the elastic force of rubber mounted on the internal diameter side.
(7777) This is an oil seal in which a sealing element is used on a PTFE containing filler.

■ Carbon Cloth V-Packing

Item V-Packing L-Packing(Bowl-Shaped)
Applications These products can be used for the rod seals of various cylinders for type V-packing applications, piston seals, gland seals of plunger pumps, diaphragm seals of presses, stem seals of valves and other sealing materials of reciprocating motion. Piston seals of various cylinders, packings in reciprocating motion shafts, and seals of peripheral sliding parts

■ V-Packing

VALFLON V-Packing (No. 7631)

This is a lip-shaped packing in which PTFE resin is cut and processed. Compared to elastomer products, it has superior chemical resistance and low wear characteristics.
In addition, the temperature, pressure and wear resistance characteristics are improved by using materials containing fillers. There are three types of cross-section shapes, H, M and L, which are each classified according to their applications.

(A) Types and applications

Types L-type M-type H-type
Applications Valve (control valve, etc.)
Plunger pump
High pressure valve

(B) Gland part design outline

(1) Operating pressure and number of packings

Having more than necessary rings that need to be mounted would actually increase the wear and reduce the seal effectiveness. The minimum standard mounting number is shown in the table below.

Types Operating pressure range, MPa{kgf/cm2 Number of packings
0~1.96MPa{0~20kgf/cm2} 2~3
1.96~4.90MPa{20~50kgf/cm2} 3
4.90~6.86MPa{50~70kgf/cm2} 4
(1) 6.86~14.70MPa{70~150kgf/cm2} 5
14.70~29.40MPa{150~300kgf/cm2} 6

Note: Used together with spacer rings

(2) Adapter ring

It would be permissible if the adapter ring were metallic, but the same quality should be used as much as possible.

(3) Shaft diameter and packing width

W = Width of stuffing box

(4) Packing width and height
Packing width
Packing height
Adapter ring height
Adapter ring height
3 1.6 0.9 3
4 2.4 1.2 4
5 3 1.5 5
6 3.6 1.8 6
7 4.2 2.1 7
8 4.8 2.4 8
9 5.4 2.7 9
10 6 3 10

Note: Refer to items in (B) types and applications for marks H, h1 and h2.

⑤Adjustment by spring

This gland packing easily shrinks when there is a significant temperature change. Therefore, in this case, it is effective to attach a spring and make an adjustment as shown below.

■ Piston Ring

This is a piston ring in which a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is cut and processed into a designated shape.
Because a PTFE that has self-lubricating properties is used, it can be used in non-lubricated materials.
In addition, because there is little difference between the coefficient of static and dynamic friction, it is possible to begin operations smoothly.

■ Split Type Rod Packing

The split type rod packing is a product in which a PTFE ring containing filler, which has excellent wear resistance properties, is cut and processed into a split type shape. A metallic back-up ring is mounted before use.

■ O-ring

This is a sealing material in which PTFE is cut and processed into an O-ring shape. It has excellent heat, chemical and solvent resistant characteristics, and it can be used as a sealing material for fixing. However, its compressive elasticity modulus differs from a rubber O-ring, so when using it, it will be necessary to adjust the groove dimensions and O-ring cross-section dimensions.

■ Slipper Seal

Slipper Seal (No. 7740 AP Series)

The slipper seal is a combination seal in which the sliding side is equipped with a ring made of fluororesin (PTFE) and the non-sliding side is equipped with an elastomer ring. This seal is frequently used as the outer diameter sealing material of reciprocating motion mainly in oil hydraulic equipment.

(1) Good wear resistance and durability.
(2) Less prone to stick slip even at low speed.
(3) In contrast to lip packings, one unit of it can seal bidirectional pressure.
(4) After mounting to an equipment, there is little sticking to the mating sliding surface even when left alone for many hours.
(5) There is little change in frictional resistance at high pressure and high speed.

(A) Quality of material
 Standard quality of material: VALFLON ring..........VALFLON containing bronze powder
        Back ring..............Nitrile rubber (NBR) Hs70

(B) Manufacturing ranges
 Piston diameter: φ10 or above to φ1000
  Note: A piston diameter lower than φ20 is used in split grooves. If the pressure will exceed 20.6 MPa {210 kgf/cm2}, or if the diameter is φ300 or greater, a large cross-section is used.

(C) Standard dimensions
 φ20 to φ250 is standardized based on the dimensional specification of the JIS oil hydraulic cylinder.

There is mainly the reciprocating motion actuator of an oil hydraulic cylinder, rotary and swivel joint as well as other various equipment, and in terms of the market for these equipment, there are construction machinery, oil hydraulic robots, machine tools, presses, injection molding machines, heavy machinery, iron and steel, automobiles, airplanes, etc.

■ VF Seal

This product is used as a rotating seal that requires heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance properties.

The V and F seals have two types, the M and R shapes, where the M shape is the standard shape for general use that also serves as a dust seal by elongating the cushion rubber.
The R shape is the shape for special use and it is the optimal choice, for instance, when the ground inner surface finish is rough such as in agricultural machinery and it is necessary to protect the seal enamel from muddy water, dirt and dust.
The R shape must be handled outside of the standard specification, so please consult us each time.


Q. Would you be able to accommodate quality of material selection and designs?

A. We will accommodate your request after confirming the use conditions. Please contact us for information.