VALFLON ® Diaphragm

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Product name
VALFLON ® Diaphragm

Product features
This is a film in which a fluororesin is cut into a designated shape and then processed to apply a peculiarity or molded.

■ Applications

It can be used for a diaphragm pump or a flow instrument cover that requires chemical resistance and heat resistance.

■ Type

● Machined product: A product in which PTFE is machined into a designated shape
● Product with peculiarity: A product in which PTFE is processed to apply a peculiarity and turned into a designated shape
● Molded product: A product in which the molten fluororesin of PEA, FEP, CTFE or the like has been molded into a designated shape

■ Quality of material selection

Chemical resistance properties of various fluororesins

Name Chemical resistance properties
PTFE This product has a very stable behavior in relation to most chemical drugs, and it is slightly affected by fused alkali metals and their liquid solutions as well as high-temperature fluorine, chlorotrifluorine and the like.
PFA Same as PTFE
FEP Same as PTFE
ETFE It is almost exactly the same as PTFE, but it is affected by concentrated nitric acid.
CTFE It is slightly inferior compared to PTFE. In addition to being affected by fused alkali metals, high-temperature fluorine and chlorotrifluorine, it is also slightly affected by chlorine gas and ammonia gas at high temperatures. Furthermore, it swells or dissolves when in contact with a special halogenated organic solvent.
PVDF It decomposes into a fuming sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxides at 100℃ or higher, and it swells or dissolves into acetone, ethyl acetate, DMF, ketone, ester, cyclic ether or amides.


Q. Would you be able to accommodate designs?

A. We will accommodate your request after confirming the use conditions. Please contact us for information.