VALFLON ® (PTFE) Filler Containing Material

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7600-1K0 7600-2K7 7600-2N0
7600-2N1 7600-2T0 7600-3M0
7600-3U8 7600-4Y0 7600-6T0
7600-6P0 7600-8H0 7600-8K0
7600-9A1 7600-9B1
Product name
VALFLON ® Sleeve

Product features
This is a material in which a filler is mixed in the PTFE. It has excellent characteristics with respect to wear resistance, compression and distortion resistance.

■ Product features

VALFLON ® (PTFE) Filler Containing Material
Types of fillers
Filler materials
Identification mark of a filler
Filler identification code
Glass Fiber 15%…2K0
Good wear resistance characteristics.
Glass Fiber + Flexible Graphite 20%+5%…2NI Good cold flow resistance and wear resistance characteristics.
Glass Fiber + MoS2 15%+5%…2K7 Good wear resistance, cold flow resistance, and electric insulation characteristics.
Flexible graphite 15%…1K0 There is little initial wear and coefficient of friction, and good thermal conductivity.
Bronze 60%…3M0 Improved wear resistance, hardness and compression strength, as well as good thermal conductivity.
Carbon Graphite 25%…6T0
Good cold flow resistance characteristics as well as weighting characteristics at high temperature and high weighting.
Carbon Fiber 10%…8H0 Good wear resistance characteristics in water, weighting characteristics at high temperature and high weighting, as well as bending strength.
Note: There are numerous other fillers in addition to the ones listed above. Please select and use the filler that suits your purpose.

■ Dimensions

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Q. Do you have the products in stock?

A. We do not keep the products in stock since the products are made based on the orders received.

Q. Can the products be customized?

A. Yes, we can produce customized products that will meet our customers’ requests as much as possible. Please contact us for further details.