PEEK Shrinkable Tube

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PEEK Shrinkable Tube

PEEK Shrinkable Tube forms a shrinking adhesive coating with high protective quality with respect to friction, high temperature, high pressure and electric insulation. PEEK resin is a chained semicrystalline polymer, which is believed to be the thermoplastic resin ingredient with highest functionality based on its excellent heat resistance, pressure resistance and chemical resistance properties. At VALQUA, we offer the PEEK Heat Shrinkable Tube (PEEKShrink® ), which further advances the characteristics of PEEK resin. PEEKShrink® becomes a shrinking adhesive coating for fine and sensitive parts, and it is used for a wide variety of applications including the coating of wires for medical apparatus, electronic equipment, communication hardware and oil drilling equipment. The purity and lubricating property of resin materials give a broad range of options. Even when compared to general coating materials like fluororesin and polyimide, PEEKshrink® is equipped with ideal characteristics for protecting wires and electronic equipment from testing environments, severe low or high temperatures, high pressure, chemical drugs, water as well as electrical impact.

■ Size chart

PEEKshrink® 1.4:1 Heat Shrinkable AWG Tubing
    Dimensions before shrinking Dimensions after shrinking
Maximum internal
diameter (mm)
after shrinking
Wall thickness
tolerance ±0.051
Product Designation AWG size (reference) Minimum internal diameter dimensions (mm) at time of supply
Minimum value of tolerance range Center value Maximum value of tolerance range
85322 17 0.965 0.686 0.127 0.178 0.229
85318 16 1.143 0.813
85184 15 11.397 0.991
85204 14 2.159 1.524
85197 13 2.337 1.651
85189 12 2.565 1.829
85313 11 3.048 2.032
85310 10 3.175 2.261
85298 9 3.480 2.489
85294 8 4.064 2.896
85146 7 4.420 3.150
85063 6 5.080 3.632
85213 5 5.613 4.013
85236 4 6.401 4.572
85243 3 7.036 5.029
85246 2 8.026 5.740
85255 1 8.865 6.325
85326 0 9.957 7.112
**Standard length: 4Ft**

■ Physical properties of PEEKShrink

PEEKshrink® Tubing Properties
Characteristics ASTM Unit -
Expansion coefficient D638 KSI 1,309
Tensile yield stress D638 PSI 14,503
Glass transition point D3418 °F/℃ 321/161
Dielectric strength D149 V/mil 3,570
Heat durability NEMA MW 1000 °F/℃ 7752/400
Degree of crystallinity D3814 40
The above data describes a coating of PEEKshrink® on a 0.575 inch mandrel,
and the tube function and characteristics will vary depending on the tube size.

■ PEEK resin physical properties

PEEK Properties
Characteristics ASTM Unit -
Expansion coefficient D638 KSI 621
Tensile yield stress D638 PSI 13,488
Glass transition point D3418 °F/℃ 189/143
Dielectric strength D149 V/mil >500
Grade of inflammability UL94 VO
Radiation resistance MRad up to 1000
Coefficient of friction D1894 .35 - .50
Elongation rate D638 50
The above-mentioned characteristics are reference values based on natural resin. The actual product characteristics may vary.

■ Precautions

* The characteristic values of products may vary depending on factors such as dimension, application, processing method or measuring environment, so please check if the product is appropriate for the application by thoroughly conducting tests or the like.
* Please note in advance that the product specification and catalog content may be revised without prior notice due to reasons including but not limited to the functional improvement of resin.
* The numerical values listed in this catalog are only for reference. We do not guarantee commensurate functionality.


Q. What are the minimum lot sizes?

A. The products are available for purchase starting with a set of two 4ft (about 1,200mm) pieces .

Q. Are there products in stock domestically?

A. The products are available in all standard sizes.

Q. The size we would like to order is not listed in the product list. Can the products be made in custom sizes?

A. We can make customized products. Our Product Specialist will help you with the setup. Please feel free to contact us for more information.