Multi-lumen Tube

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Product No.
Product name
Multi-lumen Tube

Product features
We will make a fully customized product with the design requested by users.

Major characteristics

  • ・Use as a jig or mandrel for production of customized products

  • ・Special shape

  • ・Friction reduction applications

  • ・Design according to the application

  • ・Creation of push bench and mouthpiece by internal factory

  • ・Exclusive design for each customer

  • ・Design support by in-house engineers


Q. What is the lead time for the custom ordered products?

A. In order to make the mold in-house , is relatively short delivery time.Product of simple design is also possible that the shortest two weeks . However , delivery time because it varies depending on the contents of the product , for more information please contact us.

Q. Are custom ordered products more expensive?

A. Relatively small-lot production is possible, and the product cost is set rather low. Please feel free to contact us for more information.