(7FZ1) Spray Ball (7FZ1-R) Rotary Spray Ball

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Product name
(7FZ1) Spray Ball (7FZ1-R) Rotary Spray Ball

(7FZ1) This is a washing nozzle that effectively performs washing inside of a tank.
(7FZ1-R) This can evenly wash inside a tank due to the vertical rotation of the spray head part.

■ Applications

This is used for washing inside tanks such as the reaction tank, mixing tank and storage tank. The heat and chemical resistance characteristics of products made by PTFE makes it possible to permanently install the product inside a tank. In addition, washing can be done in short duration of time, so the cost of the cleaning liquid can be reduced.

■ Features

(7FZ1) This is a product in which the tip of a nozzle made of PTFE is perforated and processed in high precision so that the inside of the tank can be washed efficiently.
(7FZ1-R) This is a nozzle in which water sprays out while the head part rotates in a vertically inverse manner. It can wash parts that are prone to being a blind angle, and it evenly washes the inside of a tank.

There is also an electrically-conductive type

■ Structure and dimensions

● The exposure area is a fixed-type spray ball made of VALFLON ® (PTFE) and connects to the nozzle in the upper part of the can body in flange shape, but a gasket is unnecessary.
● The pressure of the cleaning liquid is pressured at 15 to 20m (liquid column). If there is negative pressure inside the can, please be aware that, unless the cleaning liquid is inserted gradually and the negative pressure is resolved before pressurizing, the spray ball will break due to water hammer phenomenon.
● If the can body is in special shape or there are restrictions to attaching spray balls, we will create an individual design based on the standard dimensions.

Characteristics and dimensions

Model Screw Washing pressure Washing water volume Standard dimensions Can body capacity
A PT Mpa L/min. Dia 高さ m3
50 1/2" 0.1 約22 42 57 0.6
80 3/4" 0.15 約90 64 86 1~5
100 1 0.2 約140 88 118 6~10
* These are just examples of calculated values, and they are not guaranteed values.


Q. Would you be able to accommodate designs?

A. We will accommodate your request after confirming the use conditions. Please contact us for information.