Gland Packing inorganic fiber based

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Product name
Ceramic Fiber Coil Packing

Coil packing of ceramic fiber braided into a square cross section, processed with graphite treatment, then finished with lubricating oil and graphite.
Used as a seal material for joint of exhaust heat duct of boiler/turbine, damper, door art of dryer, manhole, etc.
Temperature limit: 600℃ (Temperature limit in air: 400℃)
This is a highly compatible packing that can be used in high-temperature closure parts, such as the door packing of a dryer.



Q. What should I use to cut the gland packing?

A. The gland packing can be cut with a sharp blade such as a standard cutter knife or kitchen knife of medium size or larger. Also, a guillotine packing cutter, which is a dedicated cutting tool that combines a scale and a cutting machine, is sold by Garlock, our partnering company in the U.S.

Q. Which is better for cutting the gland packing, bias cut or straight cut?

A. When looked at in one-ring units, both bias cut and straight cut have their advantages and disadvantages, such as the bias cut being less prone to leakage due to a long cut surface and the butt portion of the cut surface being less prone to shifting in the straight cut, but basically because this is a product that is used with multiple overlapping layers, there will be no difference in terms of using either cutting method.

Q. Why is the gland packing for pump used with leaking liquid?

A. Unlike a mechanical seal or lip packing, lubrication and coolability of the contact surface are secured by using it with leaking liquid. Using it without leaking liquid may result in the seizing, damage or short life of the packing. In addition, the amount of leaking liquid varies depending on the operating status of the pump and the performance of the gland packing that is used.