Recommended Gasket Search

■ Retrieval method ■

STEP.1 Please select the “Fluid”

(When "Specify the fluid name" was chosen.)
STEP.2 When fluid division is known, please choose.
STEP.3 When a fluid name is known, please choose.
※"Fluid Group" only, the search is also possible.
※Please even consult with us about fluid besides the fluid shown to a list.

(When "Free word search" was chosen.)
STEP.2 Please put the word for which you'd like to search in an indicated text box.
STEP.3 A relevant fluid name is indicated by an input word.

STEP.4 Please enter the values for “Operating Temperature”
STEP.5 Please enter the values for “Operating Pressure”
(By clicking on the graph, the values of the “Operating Temperature” and “Operating Pressure” will be automatically inputted.)
STEP.6 click on the Search button and the search results will appear.

STEP.1 Select a search method

STEP. Select the Fluid Group

※ Except HTS

STEP. Selection of fluid type

STEP. Free word search

STEP. Enter the Operating Temperature (℃)

STEP. Enter the Operating Pressure (MPa)

STEP. Click on the Search button