Processed Products

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Product name
Engineering Plastic Fabricated Products

Product features
No. 7160: This is a product in which a fluororesin is cut with advanced technology and processed to apply a peculiarity or welded.
(ENPLA): This is a product in which various super engineering plastics are machined with advanced technology.

■ Quality of material

[List of quality of material characteristics]
● Fluororesin
● Engineering plastic

■ Dimensional tolerance

PTFE processed products

The processing of general parts are done by machine processing the molding material with a usual machine tool.
There are also processed parts that have been deformation processed. In terms of the machine processing of PTFE, it is necessary to understand the behavior of the PTFE before processing.
The following are points that need to be considered when machine processing:

(1) The thermal conductivity is small.
(2) The thermal expansion coefficient is large.
(3) There is a transition point in the room temperature that brings about a large volume change between the range of 19℃ and 23℃.
(4) There is elasticity.
(5) There are cases in which residual strain exists.

The shaping tolerance of PTFE (JIS K6884) is shown as reference.
Measurement condition: Measurement is conducted in the temperature after remaining still for 4 hours or more in a surrounding of 25±2℃.

Classification of nominal dimension Allowable tolerance
Class 1 Class 2
1 and over 16 or below ±0.1 ±0.3
Above 16 40 or below ±0.2 ±0.6
Above 40 63 or below ±0.3 ±0.8
Above 63 100 or below ±0.4 ±1.0
100Above 160 or below ±0.5 ±1.2
160Above 250 or below ±0.6 ±1.4
250Above 400 or below ±0.7 ±1.7
400Above 630 or below ±1.0 ±2.0
630Above 1000 or below ±1.5 ±2.5

■ Surface roughness

Symbol Meaning and example of application Maximum height target
Availability of processing
Molding surface, unprocessed No particular designation
Peeling, rough surface finish 50~100s
▽▽ Middle class (average) surface finish 12,5~25s
▽▽▽ Upper class surface finish 1.6~6.3s Round bar and sleeve
▽▽▽▽ Surface finish in mirror state 0.05s~0.8s ×

■ Welding


Q. Would you be able to accommodate designs?

A. We will accommodate your request after confirming the use conditions. Please contact us for information.